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Nashville: The Rise of the Biscuit
Food & Entertaining
Travel to Nashville eateries inspires MaryAnn of Entertaining by the Bay to find the perfect southern biscuit recipe.


Dive into New Beginnings

“And now we welcome the new year, full of things that have never been” 
~Rainer Maria Rilke

At the start of every year the two of us get giddy about the possibilities of the months ahead. We explore our dreams, debate risks we're willing to take, and plan an adventure or two. There are years that the plans we've made have been shelved, to be actualized some later date. Then, there are years when our expectations have been exceeded; when amazing things came into reality that were bigger and better than we imagined. We're not sure what 2014 holds. However, we know without a doubt that there will be plenty of opportunities for learning, growth for us individually and as friends, and loads of creativity are awaiting us! How exciting is that! 

In this first issue of the year, we bring you great tasting healthy recipes, fresh and exciting decorating ideas, a few new entertaining tips, and ways to help you be pretty and bright. And, we hope to inspire you with our excitement of possibilities. 

Wishing you a year filled with love, health, and prosperity!
~Mermaids Debbie Nania and Shelley Hepler

Also In This Issue

Make it Yourself: Linen Spray
There is nothing like crawling into a fresh bed with lovely smelling linens and a good book. Awww...

Women Who Dared
Dive Into Inspiration
Celebrating a few brave women who have made a positive difference in our world.

Fashion Splash: Radiant Orchid
Health & Beauty
Color the town... purple? Yes! Every shade from crimson to violet is popping up all over town. And, it's creating quite a stir.

My Very Own Mommy Center
Vintage & Junking
See how Jessica Jochim repurposes an out-dated, oak entertainment center into a beautiful, functioning family heirloom.

Mrs. Smit's Flea Market Garden
Vintage & Junking
Sue Langley of Flea Market Gardening profiles the beautiful, creative, garden of a young California couple.

An Apple a Day...
Health & Beauty
We all know that eating more fruits and vegetables contribute to better health. But did you know...

Words of Inspiration
Dive Into Inspiration
At the start of the New Year, we want to inspire you to live your dream, take risks, and dive into adventure!

Wine Tasting 101
Food & Entertaining
Do you know the basics of wine tasting? Sip of Spokane gives the ABC's of this enjoyable adventure.

Make it Yourself: Non-Toxic, All-Purpose Cleaner
Kitchens and bathrooms get gleaming clean without harsh chemicals. And, they smell fresh, thanks to homemade all-purpose cleaner!

Siren Song
Lake Stuff
The Siren Song is the one of the songs everyone would like to learn - the song that is irresistible.

Homemaking Products We Love
We like to let our readers know about products that help make homemaking a joy. We hope you love them, too.

Health and Beauty Products We Love
Health & Beauty
With so many products in stores and online, we let our readers know about health and beauty products that we have tried and love.

Current Mer-Reads: Frazier, Madigan and more
Dive Into Inspiration
The Mermaids love to read, read, read! See what they think about their books, as well as what is on each of their nightstands.

Homemaking Products We Love Collection
We've compiled a collection or our favorite products that help make homemaking a joy. We hope you love them, too.

Inspired by Pinterest Collection
Dive Into Inspiration
New collection of Pinterest projects and experiments. Let the Mermaids inspire you to dive into this amazing community!

"Make It" Collection
Food & Entertaining
Make It articles have a bit of information, a few ideas, and a collection of featured recipes. Let's have fun and make memories!

Loving The Lake
Lake Stuff
Dive right in! Here we share memories and photos of great times at the lake. We'd love to share yours, too!

Mermaid Picture Galleries
Did you know that we love photos from you? Yes, we do! We have several fun galleries where you can share your images.

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Nashville: The Rise of the Biscuit
Travel to Nashville eateries inspires MaryAnn of Entertaining by the Bay to find the perfect southern biscuit recipe.

Air-Purifying Houseplants
Not only do our pretty green friends beautify our homes, they help to remove dangerous toxins.

Clinging to Crumbs, Deaming of Cake
Ever feel like you're on the short end of a relationship? Will giving more really bring you what you need?

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